Fever Detection Systems

HiveID offers various types of fever detection systems and services to keep employees and the general public safe from the spread of potential viruses.  The systems we offer will detect the body temperature of people entering a facility and alarm if a person’s body temperature exceeds the minimum thresholds  set by the governing bodies.  The Infisense® FS256 Fever Screening System can be used from small to very large venues.


Features Key Specifications Applications
  • Intelligent measure algorithm
  • Identity recognition
  • Quick installation, easy to operate
  • Orderly flow scenes
  • Recording and searching
  • Auto Audio Alarm
  • Resolution – 256 x 192
  • High Accuracy – +/- 0.9F
  • Measurement Distance 0.5’ to 6.6’
  • Temperature Measurement Range – (86 to 113)
Suitable for public places with large flows of people such as:

  • Religious places
  • Sporting venues
  • Office buildings
  • Hotels
  • Bars and Restaurants
  • Shopping Malls
  • Schools




From small to medium venues HiveID offers the GQ1081 fever screening system.  This system is very compact (as is the FS256), and comes with an 8″ monitor with a selection of bases/stands.

  • Intelligent measure algorithm
  • Identity recognition
  • Quick installing, easy operating
  • Multiple bases for the measuring equipment
  • Recording and searching
  • Auto Audio Alarm















HiveID also offers the Care4 handheld forehead infrared thermometer that can be used for the home or office.

                      • Voice Prompt
                      • Tri-color Backlit
                      • Fever Reminder
                      • Precision Probe
                      • 1-3 second measuring time

Hand sanitizer FDA approved, comes in 64oz and 32oz sizes. Can be used to refill our 43″ base dispenser.

Giving our customers the ability to do one stop shopping to keep you safe. We offer our 3 ply, excellent quality disposable mask. Comes in quantities of 50.