HiveID – GQ1081 > Automated Fever Screening System w/Dispenser



HiveID – GQ1081 > Automated Fever Screening System w/Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

The CDC has identified having a fever as one of the main symptoms of having the Coronavirus.  While all elevated temperatures are not Coronavirus-related, thermal imaging is an effective tool to identify potential risk to employees and the general public.  HiveID has a fever screening system in the GQ1081, that has the ability using an infrared radiation measurement technique, to measure body temperature by non-contact means.  It provides audio alarms when a person with an elevated temperature has been screened. The GQ1081 eliminates the need for up-close measurements with a forehead thermometer device. This device is shipped or delivered configured; plug-in and ready to take temperature measurements.

Features Include:

  • Comes with automatic spray-on hand sanitizer dispensing unit and 1/2 gallon of hand sanitizer
  • Intelligent measure algorithm
  • Bio-metric Identity recognition
  • Quick installing, easy operating
  • Multiple bases for the measuring equipment
  • Recording and searching of all occurrences
  • Bulk Import / Export of all occurrences for both staff and non-staff members
  • Auto Audio Alarm

Additional information

Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 45 in


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